Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The kids

Hey Everyone! I thought I should start this whole "Bloggin" thing, so here it goes. I will start with the kids, and work from there!

Daniel is now 3 years old, and showin his age quite well!! I don't believe in the terrible two's, but I am a FIRM believer in the terrible three's. :o) He is a sweet kid most of the time, but then his "Hyde" personality sure comes out more than it's fair share!
He got a new bike for his birthday, and rides all over the neighborhood with it. He has alot of friends, but Daddy is his "best friend forever" (his words exactly). They go fishing, hiking, camping and out to lunch all the time. They have an awesome relationship.
Daniel will be moving up to Primary come January. He loves to sing, so I am sure in singing time he will shine. His favorite song is "You are My Sunshine", he knows all of the song, and gets really upset when you sing "his song".
He loves being outside, and loves "going somewhere". He can tell when we are heading home, and is not too happy with us.
He has a great memory, too great for my taste! :o) He will remind me of things that I promised him, and that I had totally forgotten.
My favorite thing lately, is when I ask him to clean his room he tells me "he forgot how". Or, when we are walking, and he wants to be carried, he cries "I don't know how to walk".

Emily is 10 1/2 months old now. She is in the 90% of everything, so she is wearing 12 months plus, clothing. She is walking all over the place now. It is amazing how fast he learned. She started walking maybe a month ago now, and now she tries to run all over the place. She has yet to face plant anywhere. When she falls, she usually knows it is coming, and falls on her diaper padded buns!
She is a handful just like her brother. Daniel goes around saying "She has an attitude, huh mom!" It is pretty funny. She is very independant. She wants to feed herself, doesn't want to be dressed, changed, or anything she has to sit still for. She won't even let you hold her hand to help her over something.
She loves to beat up on Daniel, and for some reason finds it quite hallarious whenever he cries. She loves to lay on his back, and pull his hair. She can say Daniel which is the cutest thing I have ever heard. She will call for him when she can't see him.