Friday, March 19, 2010

AHH!, Keep forgetting I have a blog! Man I have too much to keep up with online! Facebook is enough. But the fun thing about this is not too many people see it. It kinda feels I am just throwing out to the great unknown!

My little princess! She is just too cute! She loves being pretty! I guess to her, half naked is pretty, but hey, what are ya gonna do!

This week I have realized all my many blessings. As I watched my kids play yesterday outside; riding bikes and just running around, I was just in awe at such wonderful kids that I have. So full of spunk, life and laughter. I am so blessed and so very grateful for the love they give me and for the many times a day they make me smile!

So many things to do. Doug and I have got to put together a list of what we need/want to do to the house. Fence, wood floors, new bathroom, fix up bathrooms, paint paint and more paint! :) Never ending tasks. But it feels good.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dads visit!

As you can see, my dad and Raelyn came out to visit. Actually,
Raelyn came to live with us. Dad came out with her to help us
finish two rooms in the basement so she had somewhere to live.

It was so awesome to have him come out. Daniel and Emily loved
every minute of it. He read stories to them, played, danced, and
Daniel especially loved helping Grandpa build. He always had to
wear a hat like Grandpa.

It was very hard to let him leave. Sometimes you dont know how
much you love someone until they leave. :-(

He got two rooms done in one week. It was amazing. It took us
two months almost to get the carpet in, but oh well, its in now,
and it looks amazing.

Ok, so it's been a while!

So back to blogging! As you can tell Daniel was sick. We found out a week ago he had pnemonia, but he is showing no signs of anything anymore. Actually the day after he was running around like normal! So that is a big blessing!
Emily wasn't feeling too well either, but she is doing alot better now!
I just found out yesterday that I can be done with my job next week if I wanted to. I told my boss today that I will probably go down to two days a week, than be done in the summer. We are thinking of putting Daniel in school in the fall, and so this will be our last summer with him being a free little man! I am ready to be home, and ready to spend time at home with my kids doing mommy stuff! Blessing all over the place.