Friday, March 19, 2010

AHH!, Keep forgetting I have a blog! Man I have too much to keep up with online! Facebook is enough. But the fun thing about this is not too many people see it. It kinda feels I am just throwing out to the great unknown!

My little princess! She is just too cute! She loves being pretty! I guess to her, half naked is pretty, but hey, what are ya gonna do!

This week I have realized all my many blessings. As I watched my kids play yesterday outside; riding bikes and just running around, I was just in awe at such wonderful kids that I have. So full of spunk, life and laughter. I am so blessed and so very grateful for the love they give me and for the many times a day they make me smile!

So many things to do. Doug and I have got to put together a list of what we need/want to do to the house. Fence, wood floors, new bathroom, fix up bathrooms, paint paint and more paint! :) Never ending tasks. But it feels good.

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