Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm trying!!

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to put this on here, I am just learning to "blog", and we have SLOW internet speed, so getting pictures on here is not working like I would have hoped, so just be patient! I will keep trying, but just want you to know I want pictures on here, but am having a little difficulty.

Oh, and in other news, we are officially looking for a home! We found one we are in love with, and are deciding how much to offer. It is so scary, but so exciting. I can't wait to be in a home that we can call our own (well, in 30 years anyway :o) But some place we can paint, and decorate how we want. Heck, we could tear out a wall if we wanted...exciting!! hehehe!

I will keep you posted. Love you all!