Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ok, so it's been a while!

So back to blogging! As you can tell Daniel was sick. We found out a week ago he had pnemonia, but he is showing no signs of anything anymore. Actually the day after he was running around like normal! So that is a big blessing!
Emily wasn't feeling too well either, but she is doing alot better now!
I just found out yesterday that I can be done with my job next week if I wanted to. I told my boss today that I will probably go down to two days a week, than be done in the summer. We are thinking of putting Daniel in school in the fall, and so this will be our last summer with him being a free little man! I am ready to be home, and ready to spend time at home with my kids doing mommy stuff! Blessing all over the place.

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Travis and Cami said...

that is so great sheena:) not to mention how glad i am you're back into the blogging world. we've missed you.